Payment Method

A/c number: 07220005673051

A/c name: Narendran A/l Permalu
A/c number: 107014030817

A/C name: Narendran a/l Permalu
A/c number: 4420722612

If payment made through ATM- cash deposit machine, please SMS your exact time, date and amount of payment deposited or scan/fax the payment receipt.

Shipping Clause:

We will take every caution steps of delivery to minimize any damage to the products shipped. We have special agreement with courier service for our sensitive food delivery. We will take responsibility only if any severe damages* to the products. Customers are required to sign a form when taking delivery stating the status of good condition. Therefore, please check the goods immediately before signing the form. We would not entertain any claim of severe damages after verify the condition status form.

*Severe damages clause; Customers should aware sweets products are high risk of damages during delivery period through transportation. We will pack the sweets in a reasonable and acceptable cost effective packaging to reduce damages. We cannot guarantee you 100% non-damage. In this case, severe damages means 20% of products damaged.

Ex: 100pcs laddu delivered; 20 pcs damaged. You are eligible for refund amounting to the same value of damaged products.