Regular sweets

  1. Normal laddu

  2. Coconut candy

  3. Normal Mysore pak

  4. Palgova -
    Never miss it!! Most of the customers thought it is made from fresh milk. To be frank, it is made from high quality full cream milk powder. There are customers who will call us to know when we are cutting a fresh palgova before coming to shop because fresh cut palgova will simply melt in your mouth. !!

  5. Bombay Halwa

  6. Janggiri

  7. Boonthi

  8. Baadhu saa

  9. Rava laddu

  10. Nei urundai -
    Made from green peas & ghee. Available During Deepavali only


  1. Thirunelveli halwa -
    Made from Whole wheat (Samba godume)

  2. Milk halwa -
    Pure cow milk. Guaranteed no mixing of any flour or powder. Less sweet. *Popular

  3. Carrot Halwa

Dryfruits Sweets

Note: All our nuts base sweets are purely using nuts grind & blended dough only. We do not mix any flour.All our dryfruits sweets content very minimum sugar.

  1. Muntri cake -
    Blend of cashewnuts, badam(almond), fig fruits( Athi palam) . *Popular

  2. Kaju Pista roll -
    Cashewnuts & Pistachio

  3. Kaju Apple

  4. Kaju Flower

  5. Badam Milk Katli -
    Combination of Almond, cashew nuts, milk and Indian ghee make it simply one of the best sweets available.

Premium Sweets

  1. Milk Peda -
    Pure cow milk. No any flour mixing. Less sweet.

  2. Special Krshna Mysore Pak -
    Gram flour(dhall) and Indian ghee. It is the earliest sweets we made since 2003 and till now some regular customers coming back for it alone.

  3. Soanpapdi

  4. Banaras Soanpapdi -
    Made from dhall flour

  5. NR special Athirsam -
    Made from Palm sugar ( mandai vellam/jaggery) instead of the common brown sugar.

  6. Gulab jamun

  7. Milk Rose / pumpkin / strawberry

  8. Kala jamun -
    Similar to gulab jamun but content nuts and not floating in sugar syrups.

  9. Muntri Laddu -
    Special laddu blend of Indian ghee, kismis & cashewnuts. Also called Motti Chor laddu in North India.

  10. Badam Saffron Peda -
    We do it occasionally only because of the raw materials cost.


  1. Chocolate Burfi

  2. Dates Burfi

  3. Madurai Burfi -
    A unique creation of coconuts and cashew nuts blend together.

  4. Vanilla burfi

  5. King Burfi -
    Rich of expensive nuts as pistachio, almond, sultana raisins, cherry.

  6. Orange Burfi

Exclusive Sweets

Note: Most of these exclusive sweets available on special occasion only. Please contact us for more details.

  1. Thirupathi laddu -
    Only will be done once or twice per year or any special order, we give full attention of creating these famous sweets according to the famous Temple of Thirupati in India. It tastes the same (customer’s claims) as the temple offering because we use exactly all the ingredients faithfully. The only most important ingredients missing are the blessing of Thirupati Vengadeswara.

  2. Mix Fruit Halwa -
    KING OF HALWA. Combination of 14 types of dried nuts & fresh fruits, this halwa is the one make us popular back in 2004. We seldom do now as the ingredients are costly and the making takes almost half day of labouring.

  3. Ceylon Halwa/Muskat Halwa -
    Coconut base. Simply one of the best halwa. The aroma is very tempting.

  4. Anjeer king -
    Made from cashewnuts, sugar free glukose

  5. Jilebi -
    Jilebi are different from Janggiri. The later made from Ulunthu(urad dhall) but jilebi are made from wheat flour. The one day life spans which deteriorate the crispiness make us impossible to do jilebi on regular basis. We are trying to make it available every weekend and will offer customers hot jilebi under our action stall soon.

  6. Mini janggiri

  7. Vigneshvara laddu -
    1st time in the world, we innovate and introduce this very unique blended laddu exclusively for Lord of obstacles remover (Lord Ganesha). It will be available only for Vinayagar Saturthi and for orders only.

Bengali Sweets

Note: It is North Indian favourites sweets made from Cow milk.

  1. Rasamalai

  2. Chum- Chum

  3. Rasagulla

  4. Champakali

NR Signature Sweets

NR all time best selling sweets

  1. Milk Mysore Pak

  2. Muntri Halwa

Coming Soon

  1. Besan Laddu

  2. Besan Burfi

New Creation

'Innovative creation of products which is available in Malaysia at NR SWEETS only'. All this creation still under R & D and will be available soon;

  1. USA Mysore Pak

  2. Chocolate Candy

  3. Cheezy palgova

  4. Honey palgova

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